Wisdom Weaving

"Burn Your Money Blocks" 

Unleash the Energy of Truth & Abundance

Thursday May 2, 2024 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern


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Weaving Wisdom


Thursday October 26, 5pm Pacific

Weaving Magic:
Unleashing the Energy of Truth & Abundance

My philosophy:  Your magic and power to create change and make an impact in the world, lies in your relationship with your own energy and learning how to use your inner wisdom to create the changes you want to see in world.  

Three ways to explore your energy, wisdom & impact with me:

TURN ON your DNA Divine Natural Alignment with the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.  
Witness your wisdom in real time. 
Next Challenge
Aug 5-27
TUNE IN to your inner wisdom and the wisdom of your Activation Code for clarity to help you understand your purpose and impact.
ACTIVATE the wisdom of your abundant  impact on your wisdom sharing journey with group and 1to1 coaching with Dawn.

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