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Unleashing Your
Potential for Radical Change


In just four months, imagine fully embracing your expanded purpose and wisdom as a mentor or leader … where you can easily bring transformational perspectives and experiences to your yourself and your clients. 

You are invited to the "12 Seeds of Wisdom" course, a transformative 4-month journey that will introduce you to the living library of wisdom that is your Activation Code and illuminate your purpose to explore deeper layers of self-awareness and energetic truth.    

Together, we will weave our individual inner wisdom, with lived experiences to rediscover and share our most potent magic.

12 Seeds of Wisdom Course Overview: This course is designed to guide you on a personal journey of self-discovery and transformation.  It's your opportunity to explore your unique relationship to change and transformation, the ancient wisdom within you, and your innate potential to welcome in the next level mentor, leader, and guiding light you are destined to be for your clients and the world.

A Wisdom Weaving Experience:   At its core, "12 Seeds of Wisdom" is a collective wisdom-weaving &  energetic experience.  I'm calling in an intimate group of energy oriented leaders who are ready to contribute their wisdom, insights, experiences, and stories to catalyze powerful change, both within themselves, each other and in the lives of those they serve.

Course Structure:

  • Duration:¬†4 Months
  • Start Date:¬†Dec¬†7, 2023
  • Frequency:¬† Three Sessions a month. (See¬†below for exact dates.)
  • Breaks:¬†One week off each month, except for December, where we have two weeks off.

Discover the 12 Seeds of Wisdom: Our journey will take us into working with our unique Activation Codes and liberating your expanded wisdom in 12 areas of life.  

  1. Return to your energy source  
  2. Renewing your purpose 
  3. Discover new ways of relating to goals and intentions
  4. Reclaim mystical gifts
  5. Reconnect with the power of thought
  6. Reawaken the wisdom of your emotions and desires
  7. Reveal your personal transformational style
  8. Restore your relationship and community building wisdom.
  9. Revitalize your body's natural healing intelligence.   
  10. Reignite your courage to meet life's challenges.
  11. Cultivate unwavering self-belief for yourself and transmute faith and self-confidence in others. 
  12. Rediscover the wisdom in your relationship with money and abundance.

The course is designed to guide you through your own  magical wisdom of change,  transformation, and ancient wisdom so you can be the mentor, leader, and light you are designed to be as you help your clients transform.

Please Join Me For The Upcoming
12 Seeds of Wisdom Course


Get to know the liberated leader in you like you never have before. 

Class starts on Dec 7, 2023 @ 3pm

Seating Limited to 12

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Connect to Your Deepest
Energetic Truth

Connect to the honest truth of where you are in relationship to the 12 seeds of transformation.

Be a Witness and Be Witnessed

Be witnessed and witness others as you discover deeper layers of your wisdom, yourself and your place as a leader.

Enrollment Bonus

Receive your Activation Code, if you don't already know it, to work with while on this inner wisdom journey. 

We Start Thursday Dec 7, 2023

Here are the Details

12 Group Sessions - 90 minutes each over Zoom.
3pm PT, 4pm MT, 5pm CT, 6pm ET
Weekly Sessions followed by a week off for integration.

Dec 7,14 

Jan 4, 11, 18 

Feb 1, 8, 18, 29

Mar 7, 14, 21

Enrollment Limited to 12 

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Payment Options:

Please consider your alignment with the investment options. 
The coaching and way showing industry has created a lot of financial trauma around investing in ourselves.  We want to be in integrity with ourselves when we invest in anything, especially transformational coaching programs like this.  Take a deep breath, slow down and trust yourself to make a self-informed decision about this or any class.

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Class Starts Dec 7, 3pm PT


Registration is limited to 12 


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