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This 21 Day Self-Appreciation Challenge is designed to help you cultivate self-love and self-appreciation, so you can live a life of joy and fulfillment to help you make lasting changes in your life.

The Next 21 Day Self-Appreciation Challenge starts during the next Mercury Retrograde.

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The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation {SASA} is the key to activating and aligning with your Source Energy and the core Original Intention you have to be here and express yourself. 


A sacred space is opening for you to participate in a simple yet profound practice where you share what you appreciate about yourself on a daily basis.  Receive guidance from Dawn, be witnessed and be the witness as you and other members post messages and videos while practicing and deepening into the art of appreciating yourself with a highly engaged group. 

Grow Confidence

Learn how to center yourself and become more confident in who you are, your wisdom, and your impact. 

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Discover how to create positive habits of thought that will help you reach your goals, by focusing on what you want and what works for you.

Unlock Abundance

Discover how to unlock your inner abundance and create a life that is worthy of you.

Hello, my name is Dawn Nocera

I've been on a journey of actively practicing self-appreciation daily since March 2014.  That’s every day for 9 years!  I never thought I would stumble across a way of being and something that I love doing for myself everyday.  It’s so seamlessly and naturally embedded into my life that I rarely think about doing it.

I've experienced and witnessed the many ways self-appreciation changes the lives of anyone who actively practices appreciating themselves ~ and being witnessed in community enhances the whole experience ;) 

For me, I've learned to be kind to myself and to appreciate every emotion, every thought, every experience that I have.  I used to feel constant internal pressure and this made everything I did feel like a trap.  Now, I feel freedom every day to be myself and to share my truth openly and vulnerably.  It is so liberating! 

Many participants of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation {SASA} forge an even deeper, more personal and sacred relationship with themselves and truly enjoy getting to know themselves in a whole new way.  Some participants notice they no longer spiral into blame and being harsh with themselves or others.  They experience true compassion as they move right through challenging experiences, whilst gaining so much wisdom about who they are along the way!

Over the years I have facilitated and participated in many group SASA experiences and I’m really excited to share the power of Self-Appreciation with you and as many people as I can.  

“In every experience, there is either a conditioned way to respond or a liberated way, and the practice of self-appreciation is key to amplifying what’s possible, beyond conditioning."  ~ Dawn Nocera

The Power of Self-Appreciation

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is the work we do when we want to get to know ourselves at the deepest layers of our being.  It is the practice and art of growing in awareness of who you truly are and owning your unique genius: creating more source energy and self-sovereignty.  

The word "appreciation" literally means "an increase in the value of something".  When you begin to see yourself through the eyes of appreciation you begin to see the value of the world around you.  And you begin to witness what is real and true for you - beyond the expectations of others and unspoken societal rules.

Practicing self-appreciation ~ posting, being seen and especially being witnessed ~ is an art of learning to be honest with yourself about the value you bring to the planet.  This involves giving yourself FULL permission to brag, boast, and celebrate the gift you are to the world, and to appreciate ALL your emotional experiences that are a natural and organic part of living life fully. 

The real work and practice of self-appreciation is in learning to appreciate ourselves while being witnessed, and without attachment to how others will perceive us.  This allows us to reclaim energy that we give away when we compare ourselves to others at any level.

As we love and appreciate ourselves more consciously through our written and spoken words, we create a powerful regenerative energy and an environment for mutual thriving.   We fuel ourselves and others by practicing self-appreciation with authenticity, vulnerability, and truth. 

The Deeper Truth of Appreciating Yourself

Watch Dawn's video about the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation and the Origin Story behind how this practice came about.

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Self-Appreciation is About YOU!

This 21 Day Guided Experience will support you in creating a deeper connection with your Source Energy.  This can be especially helpful while interacting in all your relationships and embracing your life experiences.   

It's Perfect If You:

  • Want to gain tools to help you stay in your own energy while surrounded by other people.  (especially good for current times where so many are restricted to their home or work place) 
  • Are looking to activate more truth and self-expression in the world around you (a natural result of doing the work of self-appreciation).
  • Want to overcome your fears or resistance to being vulnerable or showing up fully in your power without expectations or worrying about what others will think.
  • Are aware that you might be holding back your truth, wisdom, or energy in some way, but you can't 'figure it out' through mental effort.
  • Want to discover what it means to be "free to be yourself" beyond conditioning, expectations, or social programming.
  • Desire to connect with your truth and sovereignty at deeper levels.
  • Want to expand your self-awareness and self-acceptance.  Both vital to self-sovereignty.

What's Involved Daily

3 simple steps...

  1. Watch my Daily Live Videos in the Facebook Group for guidance (21 in Total)
  2. Then each day, for 21 days you show up for yourself and share into a private facebook community (a safe and sacred space to be witnessed) what you appreciate about yourself.  You can either write a post,  do a live video in the group or upload a video. You can post anytime day or night.
  3. I recommend that you briefly view posts (written or video) from the other participants and support them through your engagement.  Witnessing others and being witnessed in your self-appreciation creates a powerful space for receiving. So much can be learned by witnessing others that is often relevant to your journey as well!

The support you will receive from me:

  • Daily video guidance to support you in posting what you appreciate about yourself.  
  • Guidance and encouragement to help you dig a little deeper, being seen, heard and witnessed as you share from your heart.
  • Guidance on what true self-appreciation feels like as opposed to what you think it should look like.

The support you will receive from each other:

  • Authentic witnessing and space for what you appreciate about yourself to emerge.
  • Open mindedness and unconditional witnessing without trying to fix or coach each other.
  • A community of fellow participants that can hold space for your sovereign energy to emerge during your 21 day journey.

From you, we request:

  • Your presence daily, as we want to witness who you are without expectation or judgement.  Show up in your joy or pain and you are free to be how you NEED to be!
  • To honor the commitment to yourself and do your best to share what you appreciate about yourself every day for 21 days AND connect with others through your witnessing.
  • An OPEN MIND and an OPEN HEART.  The truth of what we really appreciate about ourselves varies vastly.  We are unique and magical Creator Beings with unique desires, life experiences, and impact. 

What you may receive and experience:

  • A HUGE mindset and energetic shift from appreciating what you DO in the world to who you ARE BEING.
  • Connecting with the energy and wisdom of self-appreciation and share your own experiences, insights, and "aha's" on what self-appreciation means to you. 
  • Sharing authentically and naturally from the Heart.
  • Sharing what you appreciate about yourself without projecting how others will respond.
  • What true support feels like in a community.

The Power of Community

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is work that is enhanced greatly by community.

There is massive life-affirming power in being witnessed.  When you have a community around you who are also self-appreciating and can witness what you appreciate about yourself without judgment, and without trying to fix their perception of you, mutual thriving is a natural result. 

I found a definition of community that rings true to me…

"Community is a state of being in which a group of individuals (sovereign beings) care about each other and feel like they belong together (united).”

To me community is space where there is no 'authority' figure, where shared values create a sense of belonging, not rules or structure.  I also believe that caring about each other is a natural result of sharing ourselves with others.  

Within the Facebook community, as you gain wisdom and insight about the work and practice of Self-Appreciation, you are invited to share openly so the entire community can benefit from the growing body of wisdom. 

Enrollment Options

The next experience begins soon.

The private Facebook group will open 2 days before we start.



2 PAYMENTS of $55.50 USD

  • Daily¬†Guidance and Prompts for Self-Appreciation (You can follow the prompts or go rogue!)
  • SASA PDF Download
  • Access to Private¬†Community For Support



1 Payment of $111 USD

  • Daily Guidance And Prompts for Self-Appreciation (You can follow the prompts or go rogue!)
  • SASA PDF Download
  • Access to Private Community For Support



  • 90 minute Activation Code Embodiment Session with Dawn 
  • Receive your personalized Activation Code Summary detailing the conditioned and liberated paths of your soul energy
  • Hooray!  This option includes the 21 Day SASA Experience, a perfect addition to support your Self-Appreciation journey

This option is $508, which includes the 21 Day SASA Experience for $111 and an Activation Code Session $397.  


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You may be wondering...

Pamelah Landers

Relationship Expert & Master Hand Analyst

"What has shifted for me with doing the self-appreciation daily postings is gaining more confidence in sharing myself with others without apology or diminishment."

Holly McCann

Futurist & Visionary founder of Grail Leadership

"And that is yet another reason why self-appreciation is so important. It helps us to see how strong we are, to see that we can withstand danger and challenges, and ultimately to see that there is nothing to fear but fear itself – the fear we create in our own minds. That allows us to trust more and to let down those fences (or expand them wider and wider). It allows us to Surrender to Receiving!"

Sarachele Jarvis

Soul Activator & Artist

"Since practicing self-appreciation, I experience my days starting in higher and higher vibrations. I am living in a state of allowing more and more vs. the old push and try modality. My days flow with grace, joy & harmony."