Discover Your Activation Code and Unlock Your Soul's Purpose


Are you searching for the deeper meaning and purpose of your life?  Do you long to uncover your true calling and tap into your soul's highest potential?

You Are More than Enough!

You radiate a beautiful and unique gift within.
This gift emanates naturally, infinitely and effortlessly, whether you are aware of it's activating power or not and regardless of your circumstances. 

This is your unique Activation Code. 

It's your human super power and doorway for others to share this with and experience as they interact with you and your energy. Knowing your activation code can shed light on your behaviours, preferences, experiences, interactions with people, the choices you make and much more.

What is an Activation Code?

The unique and extraordinary energy of your soul that activates within yourself and others and generates your personal attractor field.

Examples of Activation Codes {there are hundreds that I know of, but here are a few}

  • Portals of Fulfilment
  • Logos - The Language of Creation
  • True Abundance
  • Body Confidence
  • Safety and Security
  • Deep Emotional Waters
  • Subtle Energies
  • Star Power

Activation Codes vibrate uniquely at the core of each one of us, creating a pathway to experience when we are in each other's field ~ whether contact with another is physical, non-physical or energetic. We activate each other from all around the world and beyond!  View Complete list here.

Activation Code Sessions

The sole purpose of an Activation Code Session is to bring your beautiful gift forth - to unveil the divine spark of genius that you bring to the world just by being you. 

Have you ever said to yourself "I just want to be paid or free to be me"?  I believe this is not only possible but where humanity is heading.  Who we are being is powerful, impactful and is our contribution to any field. Who you are being is and always has been more than enough!

Knowing your activation code can help you give yourself permission to simply be, knowing how powerful you are, naturally.

Your session will help you:

  • Remember who you are at the soul level
  • Connect with your extraordinary energetic signature and attractor field
  • Reignite the divine spark of genius that you bring to the world and how this affects you and others, and
  • Discover a powerful key to align with and embody true abundance and purpose... your Original Intention for being here.

To the degree of what is revealed is driven by your Soul’s original intention to help you know yourself and your life's work at a deeper level paired with your conscious intention to receive this deeper knowledge. 

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Download a Sample Activation Code Summary Written Report

  • Discover the¬†3 Reasons to¬†Access Your Activation Code¬†In A DNA Activation Code Session
  • Glimpse¬†an¬†Activation Code Summary¬†that was¬†created¬†for an actual client.¬†¬†
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“the shift of knowing how you activate people and how they can activate you is powerful" 

How we activate each other

To activate another is to simply be, and anyone in your field can gain entry to your unique activation because you hold the code to the door.

When someone is “ready” to be exposed to your unique activation, you might find they gravitate towards you.  When you are ready to experience another’s activation, you may find why you’re suddenly attracted to them, bump into them or you meet them for the first time and experience a connection that makes you want to stay in their field. 

Your activation is a doorway for others.

Imagine you standing there with your soul’s energy radiating from within and all around you, this is what it’s like to know and connect to your unique activation code. You can see locked doors everywhere… all but one… this is your door and activation code, you don’t need a key because your soul’s energy vibrates in a way that is the key to unlocking the doors.

Each person’s soul energy activates and opens their door that matches their activation code.

This can create many but plainly speaking two opposing powerful affects…

  1. they have access to your unique superpower in your field and receive the benefits of this, or
  2. they are not ready to walk through that door and are somewhat repelled by your field. This can cause a emotionally trigger for them.

Both are wonderful outcomes creating opportunity for growth and expansion, depending on how the other person digests the experience.

It’s important to realise that your code is always activating others and has been doing so for your entire life to a subtle degree, but when your know and integrate your activation consciously, you experience it at more powerful level. 

Imagine what it would feel like to consciously know how you are impacting others with your energy and how empowering it is to know your soul’s energy at this level? 

If you are a maverick, mystic or visionary or work with people, imagine knowing how you are activating them when they are in your field?

Imagine what it could be like in your communities when everyone knows their activation and through interaction, you are able to open many doors together?

Not only can you discover the extraordinary essence of your souls's energy, you can also experience this in others around you, creating an environment where you are all fully seen, acknowledged and understood. This is a powerful way to relate to each other as family or when coming together in a co-creation, community or a business collaboration.

Dawn's Activation Code of True Abundance and how we activate each other!

Choose How Deep You Want To Go

Some options to consider whether you are tuning in to your activation code for the first time, or wanting to go deeper into the exploration of the Activation Codes all around you.    

Initial Private Activation Code Reading




  • 60-90 Minute
    Activation Code Embodiment Session with Dawn where you will discover the extraordinary energy of your soul.  

  • Includes a personalized Activation Code Summary detailing the conditioned and liberated paths of your soul energy.

  • Times available for all time zones.

    *Discover how your activation energy plays out in your daily life.


Follow Up Mentoring Session




  • 60-90 Minute
    Follow Up Mentoring Session with Dawn

  • Private Conversation to help you deeper understand your activation code and how it impacts those around you.

  • Receive answers to questions that come up after your initial Activation Code Reading.  

    *Your questions answered through wisdom weaving conversation.

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Ongoing Support




  • 3¬†Session¬†Mentoring and¬†Integration Support¬†with Dawn

  • 3 x 60-90 minute¬†Deep Dive Private Conversations¬†with Dawn to help you¬† INTEGRATE your¬†Activation Code¬†with your work and your relationship with¬†others.

  • Scheduled at your pace.

    *Deepen The Relationship with 
    The Impact You Are Here To Make

    Save $175 by prepaying for Initial reading + 2 follow up sessions. 

Statement Of Sovereign Choice

This is not a session to help you manifest anything other than a deep awareness of who you are and what your soul is up to.

That said, manifesting authentically can become easier when you are aligned with your soul’s desire to make an impact in the world around you through your unique activation codes.

My guarantee is that we will stay in conversation for as long as it takes for you to understand what your activation code is and how it affects you and those around you.  This can take 40 minutes or 90, we will stay in the conversation until you feel the truth of who you are and can see tangible evidence of what you activate in your life’s events.

This session is specifically for those who feel called to know themselves at a soul level and who have emotional maturity to invest in a deep dive coaching session of this caliber knowing that the return on this investment is more self-awareness, self-appreciation, and abundance which is compounded over time.

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You may be wondering...

Hear from those who have discovered the extraordinary energy of their soul...

"There is a sense of inner peace that is transmitted with receiving your activation code."

Jeffrey VanDyk, Founder of The Courageous Messenger and Tribal Marketing

"The shift of knowing how you Activate people and how they can activate you is powerful."

Luanne Simmons, Goddess on Purpose, Australia, Sanctuary Activator 

"Looking back, I’ve guess I’ve always known I activate Star Power, however working with Dawn has given me permission to take my work to a whole new level of depth, and understanding of what Power I truly activate.  I feel like I’m free to use my authentic power with more love and connection."

Dena Crowder, Star Power Activator

"Knowing that I activate healing from self-abuse and abuse from others has helped me understand why some people are deeply attracted to working with me and others just can’t be in my energy for very long, they are just not ready to go there."

Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst 
Click here to watch an interview with Pamelah about her Activation Code

"When I became aware of my Subtle Energy Activation I realised I had felt this my whole life, but never considered it was a unique gift that others didn't necessarily experience. Instantly everything made sense, about all my experiences. Any opportunity to know myself on a deeper level opens up many avenues in life. It's so important to know how people receive my energy and exactly what I am activating in them when they are in my presence. It has helped tremendously with myself, in relationships, any co-creation I am involved in and when working with clients."

Julia McKeowen, Magik Weaver and Subtle Energy Activator